”De Vernufteling”

The Netherlands’ most prestigious engineering award 2021, won by RoyalHaskoningDHV, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg and SBE Eijsden.

”Small-scale Nereda package installation”


Together with RoyalHaskoningDHV and Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, in a Triple Helix context, we have designed a unique modular compact installation.

Wastewater is purified using the the proven and patended Nereda technology. This is then clean enough to irrigate fields or to supply companies with a large water demand.



New SBE-partners; Valmet Finland and Maruishi Japan

For quite some time, SBE has had an intensive ralationship with Valmet from Finland and Maruishi of Japan. SBE is their regional partner, both in our workshops at Eijsden and on-site locations. Co-makership with the use of modular building systems lies at the basis of our cooperation, with detail-engeneering, parts-manufacturing, assembly, trouble-shooting and maintenance.

Espoo, Finland
Maruishi Co., Ltd.
Fuji, Japan

Renewed SBE sign!

The SBE sign that has been on “Emmastraat” for decades has been replaced by a contemporary laser-cut design made of stainless steel.

4 rolls hydraulic plate roller

In the summer of 2019, SBE has invested in a new 4-rolls hydraulic plate roller. This allows SBE to roll plates even faster, whereby pre-bending can be done on the roller itself.

The possibillities on this roller:
– Minimum diameter 250m
– Maximum sheet thickness 10mm
– Conical roll option
– Maximum plate width 2070mm

Pulled collar saves money and the environment while providing a greatly improved quality.

“Every weld is one too many.” With this motto in mind, several years ago SBE Piping Machine- en apparatenbouw B.V. Eijsden began looking for a method to connect pipes and ducts without any time-consuming and environmentally damaging welding. SBE has developed a simple and effective solution. For the realization of this innovative project, SBE has received support from organizations including TNO, Syntens, Hogeschool Heerlen (Heerlen College), and DSM.

This technique has proven itself several times during the past several years. More and more industries are choosing stainless steel pipes with the special SBE collar construction. This also provides SBE clients with many process-technological advantages during the production process, because having no welds at all is always the best option.

SBE products

Are you familiar with the scale of SBE’s products? Unique to the process industry and petrochemical industry, developed with common sense, and manufactured with utmost finesse.

Some examples:

High quality spray
Injection points for the benefit of chemicals
Filter systems
Alloyed reactor vessels
Refiner plates
Cracking furnace burners (long tool life)
Screw conveyors
Vorjects / cleaners / cyclones
Temperature strips
RoRo systems / wide felt cloth carriers
Dryers for the benefit of the food and fiber industry