Pulled collar saves money and the environment while providing a greatly improved quality.

“Every weld is one too many.” With this motto in mind, several years ago SBE Piping Machine- en apparatenbouw B.V. Eijsden began looking for a method to connect pipes and ducts without any time-consuming and environmentally damaging welding. SBE has developed a simple and effective solution. For the realization of this innovative project, SBE has received support from organizations including … Read More

SBE products

Are you familiar with the scale of SBE’s products? Unique to the process industry and petrochemical industry, developed with common sense, and manufactured with utmost finesse. Some examples: High quality spray Injection points for the benefit of chemicals Filter systems Alloyed reactor vessels Refiner plates Cracking furnace burners (long tool life) Screw conveyors Vorjects / cleaners / cyclones Temperature strips … Read More